Believe it or not (as pathetic as this sounds) I was actually struggling as to how to properly begin this blog. After all, the first, non-introductory post usually sets the tone for the entire blog and, at least in my mind, determines the path the thing will take in the future. I then posed a question to myself: will this be a self-indulgent, borderline narcissistic online diary or would it be a semi-formal, semi-regimented, formatted pop-culture weblog? For those of you who’ve known me long enough to remember, I used to have a livejournal in high school that was rife with teenage drama and various emo rants, most of which focused on how much my adolescent life sucked (AKA how much I wasn’t getting laid.) This really is the only precedent I have for blogs and is why I’ve avoided starting a new one since I shut that livejournal down. I know myself well enough to know how easily I can slip into self-indulgence and my narcissistic qualities are usually off the charts. However I still harbor a desire to NOT have all my inner melodrama on display on the internet (counter-intuitive, I know) since no one wants to read that shit anyway (about as much as I don’t want to write it.)

Then again, I’ve never really been a fan of the completely regimented industry blogs out there either. Having every post structured the exact same way with different topics inserted where applicable was never…I guess fun is the word I’d use. A good blog, in my opinion, is something that includes formal critique, but is still obviously written by someone who is, ya know, a person, and thus entirely capable of transcribing their inner melodrama when the mood strikes them (read: when they’re drunk.)

Will this blog contain introspective thought pieces like this again? Probably (read: pretty fucking likely.) Will it contain my thoughts on whatever form of media I’ve currently ingested? Absolutely (it’s why I started the damn thing.) Will I use it as a testing ground for op-ed pieces or short fiction? Most likely (once I build up the confidence (or develop the requisite testicular fortitude) to post them.) Though I guess the most important question is whether you’ll care enough keep reading? That’s up to you.

I can’t make you care, but I can keep you entertained.

Stay tuned.