Alright, back in action.

I wanna take a moment to give some props to my current place of residence in the fine city of Philadelphia, The Pilam. Technically, this place is a frat house, but upon setting foot inside you soon realize that the people here are actually not pompous jackasses and in fact some of the nicest people I have ever met. I find myself here as my long time spiritual advisor/attorney Mr. Potter lives in this towering tribute to free love and good music. They actually put shows and events on here pretty regularly, so if you live in the Philly area and aren’t a jackass, check em out.

Anyhow, my first official day of this journey began with me waking up in my makeshift bed on Mr. Potter’s floor. Ms. T took the bed for the night, but that’s only because she’s prettier than me. Upon waking up and meeting up with Señor Pott we found our way to one of my favorite breakfast eateries on the entire planet: Honey’s Sit n’ Eat in North Philly. Since I first ate at this magical eatery almost two years ago, I’ve tried to replicate the experience a thousand times over in multiple locations, all to no avail. This return trip finally proved to me that no one can make chocolate banana pancakes bigger than my face quite like Honey’s. Thus leads to the second (of four) plugs of this post: If you like good food and quality atmosphere, check out Honey’s; 800 N. 4th Street, Philadelphia.

Following that a semi-note worthy event occurred in my existence….kinda….in that I purchased my first piece of vinyl at a charming store called Tequila Sunrise. I’m too lazy to look up the address, so look it up yourself. However, I’ll now take a moment to put out a formal request for anyone in the Boston or Montreal areas who knows where I can get a hold of a cheap record player to comment the fuck outta this post. (Oh, and for those wondering why I bought a record without owning a record player, I invite you to follow this link)

After scoping out the venue for the None More Black show the following day (a charming little (and I do mean little) store called Deep Sleep….feel free to look that one up too.) We found our way to what, if I lived in this fine city, would be the restaurant I would eat at, exclusively, for the rest of my life. The name is Ajia, the game is all you can eat sushi and the result is the best full stomach I have ever had in my life.

It’s at this point when Hier Potter informed me that we may have blown our awesome Philly food wad in the first day….so we’ll see if this blog contains anymore raving about restaurants in the future.

The evening winded itself down as I completed the first of my goals for this trip: for those of you keeping score, feel free to check “See Wanted while intoxicated” off the list in the last post.

Additionally, today was also noteworthy as the following video was discovered…chances are you won’t enjoy/be as disturbed by it as much as I do/am…but go ahead and try…

Tonight: None More Black. Tomorrow: another update.