Boys II Men played a free show in Philly on the 5th of July. I didn’t attend but I was in the general area and one thing really comes to mind while spending 4th of July weekend in one of the most history-rich cities in the country: this day is exactly like every other national holiday in that it’s an excuse for businesses to charge insane amounts of money for things that normally cost less and for patrons to not care.

One specific incident sticks out to me: the city of Philadelphia was actually charging people to get into the cemetary where Benjamin Franklin is buried. I mean what better way to honor this country’s history than by charging people to see what’s left of it?

Happy Birthday America.

The following day was stuffed with post-4th BBQ’s where much good food was eaten and much good drink was to be had. I, unfortunately, had a little too much of said good drink and found myself with a throbbing headache when I woke up this morning on top of one water damaged cell phone and one cell phone that has disappeared altogether (hence anyone trying to reach me by telephone is about as shit outta luck as I am.)

For those keeping score, I can now incredibly regretfully admit that you can cross off “wake up drunk” from my list of things to do this trip.