1506700_10201613968428023_439062487714201187_nI hate the Trump is Hitler argument.

When I was in college, we had a rule at the radio station, “The Hitler Rule.” It stated simply that if you had to invoke Hitler while trying to prove a point, your argument was instantly invalidated and the conversation was over. The reason? Because no matter how bad you think something is, no matter how it offends and scares you, nothing is as bad as Hitler and if you took your argument there then it was a sure fire sign that you didn’t know how to make an argument and were grasping as the easiest straw to try and prove your point, which probably wasn’t worth proving in the first place.

So when the comparisons started, I immediately disregarded them as poorly rationalized fearmongering. “He can’t be THAT bad. You think he’s Hitler? You don’t know Hitler!”

But then Muslims needed to register. Then the borders needed to close.

Then “bullets dipped in pigs blood.”

Then David Duke, and Don Advo, and Paul LePage.

Then black people quietly and summarily removed from rallies.

And then I think “okay, but the joke will get old right?”

And then South Carolina and New Hampshire and Georgia and Alabama and Tennessee and Nevada and Virginia and Arkansas…

And Massachusetts.

My Massachusetts. My safe haven of reason and rational thought.

Now, suddenly, a little less safe.

And then the horrible realization…this was the country that elected Ronald Reagan.


And let him leave office with an 80% approval rating.

And looks back fondly on the social and economic damage he caused.

And then I think “okay, back home to Canada.”

But then the pit in my stomach forms when I realize that what country can really be safe from President “We’ll Make Mexico Build the Wall?” How far away from the country I love will I need to go?

And walls. Walls don’t just keep people out. And I’m getting claustrophobic now.

And I can’t breathe now.

And oh God…

I hate the Trump is Hitler argument

Because it’s the only argument that makes sense.